Payables Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management begins with a brief overview of the module set up screens and a more detailed examination of how to create and maintain vendor records. Then you concentrate on learning how to enter and post transactions and adjustments to the vendor accounts. You also learn how to process and apply cheques – manual cheques and computer generated cheques.

Other topics are Month End Processing, Year-End processing and Inquiries and reports. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management course is a full day session.

Topics will include:



  • Payables Setup; and,
  • Vendor Classes.

Master Records

  • Vendors;
  • Addresses; and,
  • Summary.


  • Create Batches;
  • Transaction Entry;
  • Quick Payments;
  • Manual Payments Entry;
  • Posting;
  • Computer Cheque Processing;
  • Apply Posted Transactions;
  • Scheduled Payments;
  • Void Open Transactions;
  • Void Historical Transactions;
  • Edit Transaction Info; and,
  • Transaction Holds.


  • Transaction by Vendor;
  • Transaction by Document;
  • Vendor;
  • Payables Summary; and,
  • Smart List.


  • Historical Aged Trial Balance (HATB);
  • Cash Requirements;
  • Vendor Cheque Register;
  • Posting Journals; and,
  • SmartList.

Month End

  • Post  All Transactions;
  • Print Month End Reports;
  • Compare Summary HATB to Detail;
  • Reconcile General Ledger to HATB; and,
    • Reconcile to General Ledger routine (in V 10.0);
  • Close Fiscal Period.

Year End

  • Complete Month End; and,
  • Year End Close.