Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The one half-day Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics GP course is recommended (to all new Dynamics GP users) as a prerequisite session for all Microsoft Dynamics GP module training.  

This introductory course covers fundamental information required to use Microsoft Dynamics GP. It starts right from the login screen and covers the features and functionality used in Microsoft Dynamics GP windows. Users learn how to quickly access data, create and save report options, and set user preferences to optimize individual workloads.

It includes tips and tricks that enable users to speed up data entry and ensure the safety and accuracy of the accounting data.

Topics include:


Entry Windows

  • How to log into Microsoft Dynamics GP; and,
  • How to switch from one company to another.

Main Window

  • Address Bar;
  • Layout Options;
  • Windows Drop Down Menu;
  • Toolbar;
  • Home Page Navigation; and,
  • Navigation Pane.

Window Elements

  • Drop Down Menus;
  • Buttons;
  • Letters;
  • Lookup Icon / Advanced Lookups;
  • Notes Icon;
  • Display only Fields;
  • Editable text Fields;
  • Zoomable Fields;
  • Internet Icon;
  • MapPoint Icon;
  • Printer Icon;
  • Browse Buttons;
  • Help Icon;
  • Hide / Show Icons; and,
  • Edit Menu.

Data File Structure

  • Data Files


Open; and,

Personal Settings

  • Home pages;
  • Reminders / Task list;
  • Navigation Pane;
  • Toolbars;
  • User Preferences; and,
  • Shortcut Keys.


  • Create a Search;
  • Change Columns;
  • Change Sort;
  • Save to Favorites;
  • Open Dynamics GP Window; and,
  • Export to MS Excel or MS Word.

Printing Reports

  • Creating Report Options;
  • Modify Options;
  • Using an Existing Report; and,
  • My Reports and the Report List.

The Help Menu

  • Contents / Index;
  • About this Window;
  • Show Required Fields;
  • Printable Manuals;
  • Orientation Training;
  • What’s New;
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Online; and,
  • About Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Application Technical Support

  • Information required from the user; and,
  • How and where to get application support.