Integrated Document Management and Workflow Solution

doc-link electronically captures documents; streamlines business processes using workflow; automates routing and distribution of all printed documents, reports and forms; and provides instant retrieval from the desktop and web.
With doc-link, you can go paperless by implementing in any department and for any process. This allows your business to be more cost-efficient, time-efficient, productive, green-friendly and organized.


Capture – Capture documents internally and externally
  • Automate capture and indexing with OCR, Barcode, XML import and ERM (Electronic Report Management)
  • Capture inbound documents by scanning, faxing and email
  • Print capture documents from Microsoft Office
  • Retrieve, view, annotate and print/fax/email documents and reports with security from the desktop
  • Collections can fax or email invoice copies with delivery receipt backup in seconds from the desktop
Workflow – Workflow processes provide control and approval of documents
  • Configure workflow to match approval process steps in sales order processing and payables management
  • Move invoices through for remote or local approval and update invoice index with check number
  • Audit and match invoices with purchase orders, receivers and packing slips for instant reconciliation
  • Allow vendors to fax or email documents directly to doc-link
  • Collect remote office approvals, invoice reviews and both email and electronic approval annotations and data
  • Access vendor and GL account codes without accessing the accounting system
  • Import data directly into voucher entry screen. eliminating transposition errors and double keying of data
  • Recall invoices by account charged within a date range
  • Give access to auditors to all invoices by account, amount or vendor
Output – Schedule and distribute documents automatically based on receiver preferences
  • Automatically distribute documents to recipients based on their preferences – email, fax, FTP or print – such as
    • vendor purchase orders
    • customer invoices and statements
    • financial and sales reports
    • electronic business forms
  • Create templates to isolate and communicate data to the exact needs of the recipient
  • Collate supporting documents behind primary documents for automated distribution
  • Export sent data into various formats (XML, HTML, PDF, TIFF, CSV, EDI, etc) for repurposing
Access and Share – Retrieve, view, annotate and route documents instantly
  • Access documents with fully protected, role-based security
  • Track all actions to a document to a full audit level