Canadian Payroll Year End

Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll Year End Training

The Canadian Payroll Year End training sessions (classroom and webinar formats) are held in December. 

These sessions will teach you about: 

  1. Closing your payroll year end;
  2. Processing and printing T4 and T4As;
  3. Preparing your payroll for the next payroll year; and,
  4. Managing your TD1 values.

While concentrating on the following processes: 

  1. Maintaining the Control File;
  2. Backing-up prior to your Tax Table Update;
  3. Resetting the Year End File;
  4. Creating T4’s, T4A’s and RL1’s;
  5. Printing Forms; and,
  6. Updating the Employee Maintenance window.

Classroom sessions will provide hands-on training.  Webinar training will cover the same material but will be a how-to presentation and discussion without hands-on practice.  The Canadian Payroll Year-End must be processed prior to your first payroll in January. 

The Canadian Payroll Year End training session concentrates on the processes required for each of the following:

Control File

  1. Employee Master Numeric;
  2. TD1 Control Amounts; and,
  3. Last Tax Update.

Year End Reporting and Reconciliations

  1. SmartLists;
  2. Employee Master records; and,
  3. T4 preparation review and reconciliations.

Tax Table Updates

  1. Backups (Last year Pre Year-End Tax Update Last year Post Year-End Tax Update);
  2. Control File Tax update date; and,
  3. Steps to update tax tables.

Year End File Reset

  1. Copy files to history;
  2. Tax Credit Indexation Factors (TD1);
  3. Reset Employee Master; and,
  4. Last year end update – what does this date represent.

Create T4’s, T4A’s and RL1’s

  1. Edit T4’s;
  2. Using Employee Master LY;
  3. Using Edit function; and,
  4. Summaries.

Printing Forms

  1. Employee, Employer and CRA copies;
  2. Electronic copies for CRA; and,
  3. Vacation year ends.

Employee Maintenance

  1. Deletion of historical employees; and,
  2. Vacation accruals.